What Are The Criteria Of Enrolling In Colonoscopy Recertification Program?

As the name re-certification defines that we shall the certificate for the certificate that we already have. The idea of getting the recertification is to ensure that we have been doing our job with full confidence and sincerity. A colonoscopy in Melbourne is a defined procedure that needs an experience and full attention. One wrong step can lead to the death of a patient. So, to make this thing 100% correct and authentic, the recertification has been introduced.

As we all know, there is a specific criterion for all the courses. We have to meet the set standards in order to get enrolled and the certification. Likewise, to get the recertification of become a colonoscpoist, there is a specified criterion through which we have to apply for the recertification.

The Criteria

Following is the criteria to apply for the recertification as a colonoscopist practitioner.

  • A Recognition of CCRTGE in Colonoscopy:

Having a Certification from Conjoint Committee for the Recognition of Training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy is necessary. It is like a prerequisite for this recertification. Already a colonoscopist practitioner can have his hands on this recertification. The certificate from CCRTGE is only acceptable. If a person ho doesn’t have a certificate is not eligible to get the recertification neither he is allowed to practise in any of the endoscopy or colonoscopy procedures.

  • Number of Procedures:

The number of minimum procedures that he has been done in the past. There are number of people apply for the recertification. It is very difficult to screen the applicants. So, the number of procedures done in the past make in easy to choose the right candidate and the deserving people for the recertification.

  • Intubation Rates Matter:

Intubation rates also play a vital role in choosing the right candidate. After the number of procedures that an applicant had been done, the intubation rates are being checked. If management is unable to screen out on the basis of the number of procedures, the decision has been taken. In this way, only the people who are likely most talented shall be awarded with the recertification.

  • Adenoma Detection Rates:

Old patients come with the issue of bowel and other stomach diseases. If the candidate has been successful in finding out the issues in patients even then he is labelled as recertified practitioner.

The recertification is applicable for the next 3 years. After the completion of 3 years, the candidate again applies for the recertification. In this way, we get the experienced colonoscopist. The Gastroenterological Society of Australia, has been offering the recertification. We have a standard criterion to choose the right candidate. You can check our website to register yourself.